31 Days: Day 18 and 19

11:00 AM

Yesterday after I finished my house stuff Calvin phoned to say we were headed to Guelph to help out a friend with a delivery. It actually didn't end up happening but somehow I got to spend a few hours with my mom and dad, which was great. When we got home I made fried rice, carrots from the garden & halibut in the skillet. Then I watched way too much Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Today I got up early to make the one hour walk (with my mom) to mom & baby yoga at Lululemon. I loved it. By the time we got home we needed lunch so she made an impromptu kale & tomato rice-pasta. Then we folded laundry, convinced ourselves not to do any gardening (it's so rainy!), made coffee & filmed a video about homemade moby wraps (coming soon).

Now I'm seriously debating some hot soup even though dinner is soon, and I think we're yet again watching hockey at 7.

Really looking forward to a cottage trip this weekend!

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