31 Days: Day 15, 16 and 17

7:07 PM

On Saturday I... Oh, and I know, people came over for the hockey game. And I baked ginger molasses cookies with Bethany and drank espresso and watched SNL.

Sunday was Oliver's baby dedication at church. After we had all the out of town family (and the in town family) stay for a lunch. It was great - we had make your own sandwiches, salads, pickles, drinks, desserts... Then Calvin, Oliver and I came home and made a pot of famous squash soup for our Thanksgiving dinner at the Medland's. What an incredible night - I loved every second!

Today I had Bethany over (wow, Beth overload!) and we walked 5k with Oliver in his stroller, to the mall to get her an iPhone, then walked back. I made Cal and I some spicy sausage and sweet potato for dinner. And that's that!

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