31 Days: Day 1 and 2

7:03 AM

Wouldn't it be interesting to see how someone else lives their life for a full month? Yes it would, so you can do it here. For the month of October I'll be posting about how each day goes, as best I can remember, and counting on each of you to find it interesting and awe-inspiring. Here goes.

Saturday, October 1
The three of us slept in quite a bit and then got a call from my Grandpa saying he'd like to come visit. We agreed on 3pm (he lives in Niagara Falls) and then I got cleaning. Straightened up all our rooms, collected garbages from the house because pick up day was coming up, and threw in a load of laundry.
Around lunch Calvin left to get gas for the lawn mower. I warmed up a bowl of rice & lentils and had a quiet lunch in the kitchen. I started reading a book (Pastoralia by George Saunders) but then remembered that I am nearly done crocheting a short grey scarf so I got to doing that.
Next thing I knew Grandpa arrived so I gave him a tour of our place (nerve-wracking - the guy is a successful cabinetry and home-building company owner and lives in a nearly-million dollar home himself, with all the best flooring, finishes, etc.). Him and I decided to take Oliver for a walk around the neighbourhood which meant spending practically half an hour just dressing him up in his plaid zip up, blue knit sweater, blue knit hat, grey booties, fuzzy brown blanket... oh and I threw a leather jacket on myself too.
When we got back Oliver was hungry (I was getting there too) so I took him upstairs to feed him while Calvin showed my Grandpa his theater room. They watched a bit of Saving Private Ryan while I made dinner plans with my sister. We met her and my parents downtown for thai food. I ordered the vegetarian shanghai chow mein with wontons to start.
I hadn't packed any diapers so Cal and I couldn't hang out after, we went home and watched the hockey game with Jordan. I fell asleep half way through (not because it was boring, but because I knew I needed a nap if I was going to stay up for SNL). I woke up around 11 to feed Oliver, change him, and be ready for SNL. It was hilarious. When it was over I zombie-walked up to bed.

Sunday, October 2
We woke up bright and early to get ready for church. I think I ate apples and peanut butter and a scrambled egg for breakfast. (Grandpa had brought us fresh Niagara apples and grapes). We went to the 9:30am service and at 10 we slipped out because we had a parenting meeting (mandatory to have your baby dedicated at Gateway). The coordinator told us about the church's vision for supporting parents and teaching about God from a young age. We got a tour of the children's areas and Calvin laughed his head off over a little baby hitting another baby with a rattle. Then we watched the rest of the service on a TV in the cafe. Hung out at the church for a while just visiting with friends. Then we went back to his parents' house and ate turkey burgers. I had a short nap and then Calvin woke me up to drive to Appleland. We were hoping to pick apples and take Oliver on a train ride but it started raining so we just shopped in the market shop. We bought apples, a caramel lollypop, some hot chocolate, apple cider and Cal's dad got a Wayne Gretzky framed photo for his hockey wall. When we got home we made apple crisp (the secret family recipe, I will never tell!) and also made toasted tomato sandwiches for dinner. After eating we put on the movie Hanna but I, again, fell asleep because I'm terrible and can't stay awake through movies. We went home, took out the garbage/recycling and set up the humidifier for Oliver because he's a bit stuffed up.

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