Why I Love My Midwife

1:07 PM

I don't want to sound like a shameless cheerleader, but I am really passionate about my experience giving birth to Oliver and I want all of my friends to know how much I recommend being cared for by a midwife. Here's why I love my midwife:

1. At my doctor there is a minimum one hour wait, and a window of 5 minutes for an appointment. At the midwifery clinic there is a maximum 5 minute wait, and a window of an hour for an appointment. I prefer the latter.
2. Two midwives all the time. That means appointments, birth, middle of the night when you think your baby's breathing sounds weird, a month later when you want to check his weight. Always available.
3. Frequent appointments, from pregnancy to 6 weeks postpartum.
4. Can't make it out? Midwives will come to you. You can even give birth at home.
5. Everything is my choice. If I ask "Should I opt for the vitamin K injection?" I am never given an opinion, only the facts. My midwife said it's her job to inform me so that I can make an informed decision.
6. Their modus operandi is natural, natural, natural. Allowing the cord to stop pulsing before clamping and cutting, risking a tear over doing an unecessary episiotomy, trying pain relief methods such as massage, a warm bath and yogic breathing, and allowing you freedom (for example, not insisting on continuous monitoring that ties you down to a machine). They are not trained surgeons or pharmacists - it's not the way they think.

7. Most midwives are not only breast feeding advocates but breast feeding experts.
8. They check on you at home for the first 5 days after the baby is born. This is an incredible way to monitor depression.
9. They can give you free stuff like pure lanolin nipple ointment, charts and measuring tapes for tracking growth, and bathing herbs for soreness.
10. The statistics show intervention (induction, epidural, c-section) is much less likely to occur with a midwife-supported birth.
11. They can recommend and are actually familiar with natural medicine such as homeopathics and herbs.
12. The relationship is not just medical - it is also personal.
13. They can still do bloodwork and order ultrasounds.
14. All their services are covered by OHIP.

Remember, if these things appeal to you: call early!

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