It's Creating Time!

3:59 PM

The last days of summer are absolutely made for my favourite things: gardening, canning and crocheting (because you'll need some new scarves, mitts and hats soon!) I could probably include coffee brewin' in there too when the mornings are chilly. Just out of curiosity, does it offend anyone that I drink a mug of coffee every day despite breastfeeding? I would love to know how people feel.

So in honour of this glorious time of year, I have a challenge for my readers. Read through this list of creative ventures and do at least one of them before the autumn equinox on Sept 23rd. Heck, do more than one. I plan to do all of them if my little Ollie Wolfe's sleeping habits will allow.

1. Do some end of summer maintenance to your garden. If you're really ambitious this could include attempting seed saving.
2. Make something DIY instead of buying it. Like these wood coasters (see photo) that my coffee table desperately needs.
3. Learn a new song on your instrument of choice. I suggest Iron & Wine.
4. Crochet a fall scarf. Charcoal grey is particularly satisfying.
5. Host a pickling party. Have friends bring their own jars and pay a buck or two for your supplies (pickling cucumbers, vinegar, salt, maybe sugar and other spices). Or let everyone bring a unque veg to pickle (think asparagus, carrots, pearl onions..)
6. Donate your rarely worn summer clothes. Commit to going new-clothes free all autumn. If you really need something get it second hand.
7. Write a thank you card. Lately I've realized gratitude is one of life's sweetest virtues. Recognize the people in your life that bless you.
8. Brew some joe (or tea!) in a french press. If you're near a specialty coffee shop, a thrift store or an Italian family home, try using a Moka stove top pot.
9. Go on a library binge. It's free!
10. Read myideaofhappiness regularly ;)

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