Pregnancy Series: Natural Induction Methods

6:16 AM

Whether you're already overdue or you're coming up to full term and want to prepare, there are some non-invasive ways of speeding baby along - or, more accurately, getting your body ready. As far as I know none of these methods will actually bring on early, unsafe labour, it will simply get you prepared for nature's right time, but to be safe make sure you tell your doctor or midwife of your plans and get their approval.

Don't try any of this before 36 weeks.

Red raspberry leaf tea: Drink 1 - 2 cups of the brew, made from about 1 tsp of loose herb, every day. You can have it hot or chilled. It is a uterine tonic and tells the womb: let's get going!

Homeopathic ez birth: Take 3 pellets at least twice a day, away from food and strong flavours (coffee, peppermint toothpaste). This works on many levels and even helps with post-birth bruising and pain.

Evening primrose oil: Swallow one 1000mg capsule per day, or insert it vaginally before you go to sleep to ripen the cervix. If you're well over-due I think you can up the dosage.

Sex: The oxytocin released from the pleasure and the prostagladins from the sperm are two of the greatest natural induction chemicals. It's also important to relax rather than stress about baby, so this might help.

Other methods include: acupuncture, eating spicy food, going for long walks and keeping upright. Ultimately staying stress-free will be your biggest asset. Baby will come and everything will be perfect so relax and enjoy the ride!

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  1. I wanted to clarify the composition of homeopathic ez birth as I know it, because there may be other preparations out there that I can't recommend until I look into them further. The one I'm familiar with is:
    Actaea racemosa 5CH - helps relieve pain with contractions
    Caulophyllum 5CH - tones the uterine muscles and is said to hasten labour, also can prevent excess bleeding
    Arnica montana 5CH - to help with swelling and bruising
    Pulsatilla 5CH - has been known to fix uncertainty, from a weepy mom-to-be, to contractions that won't stay regular
    Gelsemium sempervirens 5CH - to help with nervousness


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