10 Ways to Save Money and Be More Awesome

3:17 PM

Now: When you find the time and cash you get on a plane and vacation somewhere warm and stocked with alcohol.
Better: Rent a cabin up north, or out west or east so you can discover your country and the wilderness.
Best: Plan a survivalist camping weekend with friends at a national park and spend time foraging for wild food.

Now: You fork out top dollar for expensive organic baby food and formula.
Better:  Make your own food by pureeing what you're already eating.
Best: Make your own food... and breast feed!

Now: You grumble every time a birthday or special event comes up because it means you'll be making a trip to Wal Mart to spend more money on some dumb gift plus a card and wrapping.
Better: Use cloth from clothes you don't want anymore to wrap up the gift. Then make a homemade card.
Best: The gift you wrap up can be homemade too - everyone loves potted plants or delicious preserves.

Now: Those dang strawberries cost $5 at the grocery store and don't taste that great.
Better: Those yummy strawberries only cost $2/quart at the local U-Pick garden, in season of course.
Best: The best strawberries ever just became ripe in your backyard.

Now: You drive a car everywhere you go.
Better: Sell the thing and get a motorcycle!
Best: Cycle or walk everywhere you go.

Now: Friends want you to bring a snack along to their party so you run out and grab a box of frozen apps.
Better: You peruse the fresh veggie section and find a few local things that you can serve chopped up with hummus.
Best: You make the hummus from scratch (come on, it's so easy.)

Now: You pay $100 to sit in a chemical-laden salon and have someone give you a fancy hair style.
Better: Get your friend to do it for cheaper and you can be honest with them about the results.
Best: Never, ever cut your hair!

Now: You watch a ton of TV and it doesn't help that your cable bill is super expensive.
Better: Bike down to your local bookstore and pick up something to read at a coffeeshop.
Best: Bike down to your local library and pick up something to read in the sun.

Now: You grocery shop every week or so and go out to eat once in a while too.
Better: Give up meat for money-and-planet-saving alternatives like beans.
Best: Grow your own everything.

Now: You read myideaofhappiness and think it's pretty cool.
Better: You try out a few recipes and consider changing your chemical ways.
Best: You come over to my house for a canning party and finish off the day making soap and playing songs around a bon fire!

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  1. You rock, Amy. We still need to have that canning and soap making party. And I'm going out on a limb....do you want to cut my hair? :) xo


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