Pregnancy Series: Diapers

5:27 AM

Yesterday I had a baby shower and was overwhelmed by the amazing gifts. I always laugh at how some gifts make you so excited about your little one on the way (like the adjustable baby bath tub my sisters bought me) and how other gifts, although so welcomed and needed, scare the jeepers out of you (like bum wipes). There is just naturally a feeling of panic that comes over me - and likely most first time mom to be's - at the thought of diapering.

There are many options when it comes to diapering. We are so lucky compared to how things were when I was a newborn, and even more so compared to when my mom was a newborn. Here are some choices I've learned about:

1. The Diaper Free Baby
This is a pretty revolutionary idea that is actually a very old idea which involves studying your child's behaviour to understand when they need to eliminate. Then you bring them to a baby potty at the correct times, teaching them to use a toilet from a very early age. It's something that's a little too involved for me which a first baby, unless Calvin was really into the idea (I doubt it). I'd be very impressed by any mommas trying this and would love to hear about it more.

2. Disposable diapers
This category usually brings to mind Huggies and Pampers, and though they now undoubtedly offer eco-friendly options, there are other companies who truly care about the environment and your natural baby's health and have been producing eco-friendlier options, all along, exclusively. The diaper I'd recommend is sold at Quarter Master and is called Seventh Generation. These are chlorine-free and free of other yucky chemicals and are available in all sizes. I plan to keep some of these on hand for night time, traveling and when others are baby sitting.

3. Hybrids
There is also a brand called gDiapers making a reusable, cloth outer-diaper with disposable eco-friendly inner liners. The benefit of this is clear: fewer trips to the laundry room (if the outer portion is still clean you can continue using it with a fresh liner) and all the convenience of simply chucking the soiled part of your baby's diaper. This would be a good fit for a mom transitioning to reusables.

4. Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers have been the go-to system for many years and in a way I wish things had never changed. Back then, women used huge rectangular or square pieces of thin cloth to fold up these origami-like diapers for their babies to wear - sometimes using differing folding methods based on where the most coverage would be needed (middle for girls, front for boys). I can say I'm a pretty mean old-style cloth diaper folder, but the thought of doing this how-many-times a day (wait - don't tell me how many) is disenchanting. Now-a-days there are easier options. Some companies like Bummis and bumGenius are making gorgeous and easy cloth diapers that feature a stylish outer piece with a simple foldable insert that can also be customized for gender. Most of these diapers are conveniently one-size-fits-all, with snaps or velcro helping you go from newborn to toddler. Keep in mind snaps wash nicely and last a long time but velcro offers unlimited size options.

*If you think the idea of scraping off poop (that could be anywhere from liquid to rock solid) into the toilet and then washing the diapers is gross consider a cloth diapering service. Try For a reasonable flat rate they will supply you with unlimited diapers and wipes and all you need to do is leave the soiled ones on your porch once a week in a bag, and they'll replace that bag with fresh ones. If you can handle the smell of baby poop for up to seven days, or have a nice expensive diaper bin for storage, it would be the easiest way to go!

5. Bamboo Diapers
Lastly, another reusables option. I was told that bamboo-based diapers better absorb liquids away from your child's body so that there is less risk of rash. I really hope to get some of these soon!

No matter what remember that what's best for the planet is most likely what's best for our baby so if you have the time and patience make an eco-friendly choice when it comes to diapering.

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  1. my diapering saga:

    we started off in disposables - we we're to be moving a month after her birth and i did not want to set up the diaper service and then move - it figure calamity would ensue. so we moved, and i got the service - and i used them for three days and said there is absolutely no way (they smelled funny, even clean, and the whole darn thing would get sopping wet and moxxie cried and cried every diaper change). so i went back to disposables. then, i started buying my own cloth, 3 here, 2 there. within a few months, i had a lovely array of ecobumz (for night time), fuzzibums (for day time) and sunbabies (for whenever). i have since added in a swaddlebees (don't like it) and a clothbytel (which i adore so i don't use it much to save it's life, lol). when moxxie was about 7 months, i started pottying her. it actually is quite easy but i wish i had started earlier as i feel that i cannot read her cues very well (particularly with pees). anyway, that is where we are at. breastfed baby poop is the best - it's wet and drippy but it doesn't smell bad (well, not as bad as regular poop). anyway, my friend emma highlights her birth, placenta encapsulation and her diaper free baby in her birth story here: warning - very graphic photos of BIRTH :)


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