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"There's Lead in Your Lipstick" is a new book hitting top sellers lists quickly and leaving me on a library hold list for longer than I'm used to waiting. It's a great book, and the thing I'm most excited for is the resulting awareness of the public in regards to the chemical toxicity of mainstream make up and hygiene products. I haven't read the whole thing yet, and I don't agree with everything she writes, but it prompted me to write you a list of things I use every morning. Make that, every morning that I actually will myself to get in the shower.

Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and Yes to Carrots conditioner:
I'm a strong believer that your hair is healthier if you don't wash it every day or even every two days, so I get by using shampoo probably once a week and just rinsing with water in between. When I do think my roots need a scrub, and it'll take more than baking soda solution or soap bar, I reach for these products because they are a mix good of decent ingredients and excellent result. Some natural shampoos and conditioners I've used are garbage and I don't think it's worth the effort if they don't have any effect. You can find them in any Shoppers Drug Mart.

Soap Works simple bar soap:
I switch between varieties - I like them all. Right now I'm using their pine tar and I have a bar of chamomile in the shower too. They made good honest soaps, cold-pressed method I believe and they're cheap as heck. You can buy them at Quarter Master or the Bulk Barn.

Homemade tinted moisturizer:
For this concoction I simply saved an old pot from a night cream and filled it with a brew of: face cream, sunscreen and a few pumps of foundation. It doesn't give me a lot of coverage but I don't really need it. I'm particularly prone to sun burning right now (if it weren't snowing) because I'm pregnant, so even though I love my vitamin D, I put a little SPF on the face for good measure.

Lavera Intense Volume mascara:
It was a miracle to find a 100% chemical-free mascara that actually works. It is organic, vegan & cruelty free with no parabens, petrochemicals or toxic chemicals.

JASON Sea Fresh toothpaste:
I'm addicted to this product, I'll never switch to anything else (OK fine, I sometimes use Weleda Calendula toothpaste and Hakeem's herbal). It tastes so good, cleans so well and has great ingredients.


Green Beaver Wild Yam deodorant:
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Green Beaver is the best company on the planet. Honestly, they're from Ontario, they made amazing things that work and use all natural ingredients. This deodorant is my recommendation for anyone who wants to get away from cancer-causing ingredients living under their arms. Buy one today!

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  1. Where can you find the last few items you listed?

  2. All of those are at Quarter Master also. JASON toothpaste might be at Shoppers Drug Mart.

  3. Amy, I was at your workshop today at the Y and loved it. I'm enjoying your blog just as much. You mention Jason's toothpaste. Is it any better than Kiss my face or Green Beaver's mint toothpaste? Also, I tried a few of Green Beaver's other deodorants and haven’t had any luck (although, like you I adore this Ontario based company). Can I purchase the Yam deodorant at Quarter Master? Lastly, I use Zuii’s (spelling?) makeup and I like everything I’ve tried but haven’t had any luck with their powder foundation. It doesn’t over anything (unlike MAC which I used to wear before going organic). Can anyone suggest another good organic firm powder foundation? Thanks!

  4. GB's toothpaste is great as is KMF's. Actually, both are not bad choices for someone transitioning to organic/natural because they don't taste an awful lot different than Colgate, etc. I use Himalaya and Hakeem Herbal often and they are a little more of a jump for someone not familiar with alternative products.

    Deodorant is such a personal thing - it's hard to make a recommendation. I love GB Yam (it is at Quarter master yes!) but you might have better luck with Tom's (not the best choice), a crystal rock, or a natural spray. It takes some testing.

    JayDanCin in Sparta makes a nice handcrafted powder. EarthLab cosmetics does also. I'm not a huge user of foundation of any kind so I'm not much help. I do like Zuii's other products though!


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