My Natural Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a great time to reevaluate your heath and the source of it. It's encouraging how many women who otherwise don't focus on natural health suddenly reduce their intake of pharmaceuticals and chemicals and begin paying attention to their nutrition. It's not uncommon to hear of a woman planning a completely natural, drug-free birth even though she typically uses things like Tylenol. The instant the news of a child is on the table people replace household cleaners with white vinegar and white pasta with brown rice. And best of all, tons of these women discover a new found love of organic food.

I've realized for myself that even after birth, I should probably stick with this new pregnancy diet (all that's really changed is the total abstinence from wine, reduction to less than a cup of coffee a week, and eating more often for the sake of blood sugar stability.) Sleeping more might be a permanent change too.

So what can you do to make your pregnancy more natural, and therefore healthier?
- Give up the bad stuff: alcohol, caffeine, smoking and drugs (that includes prescription but make an informed decision about that) need to be off the table
- Give up the equally bad stuff: there shouldn't be a lot of room in your diet for white sugar, soda (especially diet - artificial sweeteners are doing nothing for your baby's heath), staying up too late and laziness
- Pump up your nutrition: your body needs the vitamins and minerals from loads of vegetables and fruit, whole grains with tons of fibre, then of course iron, calcium and protein wherever you'd like to get it (if you're attempting a vegan pregnancy you will need to take out a loan to buy kale, quinoa and pinto beans)
- Look into natural remedies: I used ginger pastilles for morning sickness and plan to take EZ Birth (a homeopathic blend of Arnia, Actaea Racemosa, Pulsatilla and Sepia) for the more unpleasant parts of childbirth such as bruising, pain and fear
- Find a midwife: These pregnancy, birth & postnatal care experts will help through every stage, focusing on your preferences, but make sure to call early
If you're in London like I am:
Thames Valley Midwives:
Talbot Creek, in St. Thomas:
I'm on the waiting list for all three but I can't wait to get a call!
- And lastly, ask me! My credentials are in nutrition only at this point but I am currently upgrading my education in natural health so I've got at least the basics of how to lead a healthy, natural life even beyond nutrition (I hope you see that from my blog)

Most importantly, enjoy this time.

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  1. i'm really excited to follow your pregnancy and you plan on having your baby at home? water birth is naturally less painful than not and helps a lot with contraction pain, etc!

    Eats On Feets SW Ontario

  2. I'm planning my first in the hospital for my husband's sanity. After that everything is an option.

  3. I can't wait to hear more about how your pregnancy is going! My sister had natural births for all three of her children and I was at the birth of two of them and it was absolutely beautiful! When my time comes I plan to do the same:) you will be an expert by then!!

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  5. i can understand that. i hope you get your midwife! they are less likely to "offer" you the interventions that cause complications. my husband was the same way. as long as our next is not premature like our first, we are doing homebirth, in the water!

    Eats On Feets SW Ontario

  6. Amy, have you checked out Sara Cotner of

    She just delivered and is an amazing writer and person. She has detailed posts about her pregnancy and birth experience.

  7. I like this blog! But she made me feel like Montessori is a cult, ha ha.

  8. any word on the midwife?

    - cricket

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