Yarn Slippers

6:58 PM

Everyone loves yarn slippers. You know, the handmade looking ones your grandma offers you to wear on her hardwood floor? I recently went on a crocheting binge and realized that a pair of these take only a few hours to throw together. I had a ball of recycled grey medium wide so I went to town!
Here's how:

1. Learn to crochet.

Never been a fan of witches, but this is the best youtube I've seen: http://www.youtube.com/user/theknitwitch
For this "pattern" you'll need to master the chain & the double crochet.

2. Chain roughly an inch longer than your foot, or the foot of the friend you're gifting these slippers to. Flip back and double crochet for the full length. This would be considered row 2. Continue until you have enough rows to make a rectangular piece about an inch wider than your (/the other person's) foot. Tie off. You will have a rectangle that is slightly bigger than the base of your foot. Repeat so you have two pieces.

3. With each piece separately, fold the rectangle in half width wise, and double crochet from the base of one side all the way up, then down the longest open side 2/3 of the way, grabbing both the loop from the front piece and back, thus connecting them, then stop! Tie off. Do the same on the opposite short side.

I am fully aware that a video or even some non-laughable photos would make this tutorial one that is possible to follow.

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