Easy-Peasy Laundry Soap

5:45 PM

Guest blogger: Ashley Long

After my sister-in-law had raved about her homemade laundry soap, she gave me the recipe she found online and told me to give it a try. I finally did and love it! It makes your clothes soft, and whites whiter. Also, I can wash my clothes in cold water as long as i dissolve the detergent in a little bit of hot water first.

So here it is...
1 cup Borax
1 cup Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
Some shaved up natural plain soap

Use one - two tablespoons per load. (Heavier or dirtier loads need two.)

You can also add any preferred scented oils, as long as they won't stain. Haven't tried that myself, but I've heard you can do it. Just be careful. :)

Some amazing facts I learned while working on this project.
1. The first two ingredients were found in the laundry isle in the Superstore
2. The soap I bought at the market and it smells ten times better than soaps with harsh bad stuff in them... uh you get what I'm saying I hope
3. The lady selling the soap is really nice and gave me a discount when I told her what the soap was for
4. Putting the ingredients together took 5 minutes... tops
5. I am saving money

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