How to Quit Smoking with DIY Flavoured Toothpicks

3:35 PM

I have met so many people lately who have quit smoking with the use of flavoured toothpicks that I simply can't pass up the opportunity to share my method.

Procure a small, thin jar, preferably with a lid. If said jar currently contains a delicious blend of spiced rooibos tea - drink it.

Place 5 - 10 natural wood toothpicks in the jar. Fill with pure vodka, leaving a 1/4" headroom. Add 10 drops of any essential oil(s) you desire. I did tea tree-peppermint.

Leave overnight. In the morning, drain (depending on the oil you could... well, you get my drift) and let dry.

And there you have it, now toss your cigarettes and thank me later.

The friend I know who have had success with this method kept a hefty pack of toothpicks on them at all times. When the craving hits simply chew on the end of one to get you through. 

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  2. I think I'm going to try this method, but I'm going to add a little bit of liquid nicotine to the mix. Thank you for sharing!


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