Botanicals for Skincare

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Typically my skin care routine won't make it much past scrubbing a bar of chamomile soap on my face in the shower, but once in a while talk of using plants for complexion really excites me. Here are some flowers that should make their way into your daily regime:

A homemade poultice* of this blue flower can soothe puffy eyes. It is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, can relieve eye strain, and is used by practitioners as an eyewash for conjunctivitis. *A poultice is a mashed up paste that is applied directly to skin.

An extract found in this flower can end the cycle of dry skin by slowing new cell production. If your skin doesn't have enough time to develop nice, hydrated cells it will result in dryness and quick aging. Using this hydration technique can protect against UV ray, and free radical damage.

It may help you avoid a cold, but its wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and bacteria killing properties are excellent for skin too. Native Americans have been using it for years and now science shows that it can be effective against many skin conditions, especially acne. One substance rich in this flower can assist fibroblasts in creating skin-smoothing collagen.

Evening Primrose
The oil from this flower can ease itching, dryness and scaliness. This comes from the high levels of essential fatty acids that the plant boasts.

As the name suggests, its most famous use is as a fever-reducer, but this flower can also reduce redness in sensitive or aging skin. It decreases irritation and calms skin that has been sun burned. You can even apply an infusion to prevent damage.

If you've heard of any skin applications for flowers, it's probably this one. Studies continue to prove that its use results in smooth, fresh-looking, spot-free skin. The oil, containing retinoic acid, has rejuvenatory powers. It contains vitamin C, an antioxidant, so besides decreasing fine lines, puffiness and sagging, you'll get an added free radical fighting boost.

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