Oh Cleaning: Green Methods for a Squeaky Clean House

4:44 PM

Guest blogger: Ashley Long

Some would say I am a bit obsessed with cleaning. Afterall, I grew up in a very clean home and for the last three years I professionally cleaned with an employer who taught me to see and clean up dirt in places that no one else might notice.

Many nasty chemicals are used while cleaning and we have no idea the effects they are having on us, our future families, and the environment. The other problem with chemical cleaning is that it covers up smells and dirt but doesn`t thoroughly clean the suface. This is a totally new way of thinking for me. I believed that chemicals made surfaces clean and shiny and smell nice.
It is hard to make adjustments to old habits. Just like the grime in my toilet must leave, so must my unhealthly choices with cleaning. Let`s explore some alternatives, shall we. 

  • Vinegar -Let`s be honest. Vinegar is the best solution to any cleaning problem. I`ve been researching a little and here`s the low down on this great smelling liquid.
It`s cheap
Non-toxic for everyone
Deodorizes rooms
With a bit of baking soda it can declog a kitchen sink. (thanks mom)
It`s an all-in-one cleaner - toilets, sinks, countertops, all flooring, windows, etc.

But I will say that it doesn`t remove stains on a white countertop.
So the search continues.
  • Charlie`s Soap - A vegetable based, biodegradable cleaner which comes in an all-purpose spray as well as laundry detergent. Retail stores only in the U.S. Bummer, I know, but you can order online. I have not used this product, although my friend does and swears by it. A little on the pricey side if you are frugal like me.
  • Norwex microfiber cloths - These cloths have silver particles in them that disinfects surfaces and the cloth itself. Use only water with these cloths and a deeper clean can really been seen.Stained countertops can finally be clean again with no bleach! I will be attending a Norwex party the end of the month to see this magic myself. If anyone is interested in attending, email me. ashley.j.long@gmail.com
  • Baking Soda -I use some vingar and baking soda on my cutting boards. Just let the mixture sit for a little bit and scrub off. Also good for deodorizing the fridge and cleaning stuff animals touch, like a water bottle. (rinse thoroughly)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- Good for cuts on guinea pigs and humans; only if consent is given. Also good in your bathtub and sink. Peroxide kills germs. Try it out! Pour some around your bathroom sink drain and see if it starts fizzing. It is so much fun.
  • Fresh Wave spray- odour neutralizing spray. All natural, smells a bit like pine needles. Works great to get rid of crazy smells like urine, stinky socks and shoes, and bad hallway closet smells. Find this amazing stuff at McHardys Vacuum.
That is it for the list but if I may rant quickly...Stick to the green method that is affordable and works best. Dont get suckered into buying products on the shelf at the store that are supposedly green and double the price as normal cleaners. Rip-Off. Ok I had to get that out. Im done now.
Ponder these ideas. Test them out. Save some money and your lungs. Yay!

Ashley Long is my long-time, always-willing lead acoustic guitarist. Her immense vegetable garden would make your garden shudder in awe. She serves coffee by day and crafts it up like no one's business by night, and one day hopes to open a charity coffeehouse. If you've never tried her berry muffins - you aren't living.

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