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By now I hope my mom and I are not the only ones who browse the wisdom of this blog, so  I ask you: what should I blog on next?
I would like to do a pieces on
apartment balcony gardening
making kombucha tea
using essential oils for pest control
navigating a health food store
raw diets for cats
kale chips: your next addiction
the low down on sugar: the best alternatives
my grocery shopping advice
and ultimately, whatever would interest you most. So suggest away!

Update (August 9th, 2010):With switching my blog over to blogspot I've lost a few great suggestions so I'd like to post their comments here.

  1. Rose Goertz says:
    to your balcony gardening you could add, my experiences with and what led to balcony composting.. enjoy reading these!

  2.   Alexis says:
    - I JUST made my own cat flea spray using essential oils, and now I’m making a mosquito repellent using essential oils.
    - I keep getting the idea that I should switch the cat to raw.
    - kale chips are on my top 5 food list.
    How do our interests keep lining up and yet we don’t practice these things together?

  3. Alexis says:
    Can you do a post on worm-composting please?

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