Sunday, March 29, 2015

Life Lesson: Don't stress a guess

Yesterday I learned a great life lesson and I thought I'd share.

I don't usually text and drive. No, I never text and drive. I'm that person that aggressively tells the driver to drop their phone if they pick it up and begin reading. Very, very anti-drive-texting. But for some reason when I heard my phone buzz beside me on the passenger seat I really thought I should read it.

I was driving home from work (45 minutes from St. Thomas to North London) and it's not uncommon for Cal to write something like "Hey pick up diapers on the way home" or "We're out of honey" or "The kids and I are still at my parents' house, meet us here instead". So when I came to a stop at a red light that I know always takes forever I quickly scanned what it said.

"You're so not gunna want to come home." From Calvin Harrison.

What kind of a text is that?! 

Instantly my heart was racing and my mind was going a mile a minute. I'm so not gunna want to come home? To my own house and my own family, after having been gone for work since 6:45am? What possible reason could there be?

Unfortunately, due to my stance on drive-texting, I didn't choose to engage in a conversation. I put the phone down, looked back up at the red light and let myself drift into a state of utter panic.

My first ten thoughts (and I assure you, there were thousands) were as follows:
1. I've done something really terrible and he's telling me an argument is coming.
2. One of our children is hurt and when I find out I'm going to be heartbroken.
3. He has been in a car accident and either the car is really destroyed, or he is.
4. There's been a fire.
5. Oliver has some how injured Dakota and he doesn't know what to do about it.
6. He's forgotten to pick up groceries and we have to eat popcorn and green tea for dinner.
7. Another flat tire.
8. Our builder has tried to pave our drive way and something got really messed up.
9. We got mail that delivered really bad news like a huge hike in prices of some sort.
10. Job loss.

No matter how much I rationalized, all that could get me home in one piece was deep breathing. I literally braced myself for what horror would meet me at home. As I parked the car in the drive way I scanned our other car for issues (none) and even checked the house for fire damage. I quickly pulled up my Facebook messages to see if there were any clues there. Nothing. 

Then suddenly I remembered something I'd said to Cal earlier in the week.

He had been sitting watching TV and noticed a huge line across the screen.

"Oh my gosh, Oliver must have scratched the tv screen. This SUCKS." He said, and he started brainstorming how he could fix or replace the tv. Just like mine, his brain was racing. He was visibly stressed out. 

I calmly asked, "Did you check if it's actually a scratch, or is that just your best guess?"
"Well, I didn't actually..." He started.
"Don't stress a guess." I told him.

Within a few seconds I'd grabbed some screen cleaner and a cloth and started wiping the tv down. Luckily, the big mark was just dark crayon (Life tip: If you ever want to fake a tv scratch, dark crayon looks PERFECT.). It came off clean and Cal was relieved.

It just doesn't make sense to waste your time, effort, energy, emotions, hormones, on something that isn't even confirmed. He didn't even know if it was truly a scratch and already he was allowing himself to feel the panic as though it surely was.

And I walked into the house, that day, unsure what his text could have meant, but remembering that all of the possibilities that were freaking me out were just GUESSES. That's all they were. And I couldn't stress a guess.

I unlocked the door, dropped my coat and bag, and slipped my shoes off. Looking down the hall I called out to Cal: "Why am I not gunna want to come home?" 

What had I done wrong? What had gone wrong? Who was hurt? What would cost us money?

He appeared around the corner and laughed,
"Oh remember all that laundry you folded? Oliver totally messed some of it up. I thought that would tick you off. Ha ha."

Imagine that, I'd spent 25 minutes of my drive deep breathing myself out of an anxiety attack over 4 shirts that I'd need to refold....

Don't stress a guess!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Break Up and Move - Part #3

This is my final post about the Break Up and Move Campaign and we're going to chat about something that a lot of us (at least women) can relate to.

But first -- the event!- I am hoping very shortly there will be some awesome snaps from the big event at Western University that happened just over a week ago. Make sure to get over to the website (linked below) to see the updates.
 Following a relaxing yoga session (my lovely friend Mindy was the instructor!), the event discussion touched on a variety of topics. Relationship expert Kimberly Moffit chatted about breaking up with bad relationships and habits, while women’s health expert Dr. Christine Palmay discussed the idea of reconsidering sexual health decisions, including contraception 

Photo from Sarah Burke
I've talked about different birth control options on here in the past and the bottom line is, one size doesn't fit all. I'm sure for some people taking a daily pill is just the ticket. However, for ME (and so many others) it doesn't work, because I just can't remember it. It's funny because taking the pill is such a common thing, but I really don't think most women consider whether it's their best option. For me, I had to sit down and think about what would work in my life since I've had the two kids and plan to stay as a family of four forever. There’s so many options to choose from.
I encourage you to BREAK UP with what’s not working, and do what's best for you! For inspiration, visit, and check out if you’re looking to explore new contraception options.
Thanks for coming along on this journey!
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Friday, March 27, 2015

More Questions, More Answers, Friday-Style

 It's Friday. I have the day off. The kids are busy with grandma, so I have all the time in the world to put away the dishes, do four loads of laundry, unpack our suitcases, tidy the kids' rooms and, answer these questions!

Can you eat what you want or do you have to watch it?
I've never really seen a huge effect on my appearance based on what I eat. I certainly don't count calories or limit myself very much for the sake of weight. However, I do have to "watch what I eat" for the sake of how I feel. Having too much sugar all at once, or dairy, will make me feel gross for the rest of the day. I also get major fatigue if I have a really wheat-heavy lunch. I brace myself for heartburn if I go crazy on cucumbers. And I follow a strict one-serving of caffeine per four hours rule.
After you had a baby, did you feel pressure to snap back into shape?
I didn't feel pressure from any outsides sources, like say family or friends, but I think that pressure is all around us with the media's obsession with post-baby-reveals. My main motivation was to wear my old clothes again, however I stuck to breast feeding as my only "get back in shape" method. I am the type of person who would be perfectly fine to look like "a new mom", body wise, forever.
Do you guys want more kids?
We are so happy being a fearsome foursome.
What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself?
A hot bath with the door locked (until Oliver learned to pick locks). A date night to the movies. Starbucks.
Besides wine, do you have a go-to drink?
Why besides wine? Ha ha. For cold drinks I love water (of course), smoothies, and the odd ginger ale or root beer (as in, twice a year maybe). For hot, just black coffee and most teas - the weirder the better. I love drinking chocolate, the thicker less sweet sister to hot cocoa. And for alcoholic drinks I like cider beer, gin and tonic, amaretto sour, and a super minty mojito.
Do you have any health regrets?
I wish that I'd taken better care of my skin all of these years. Because I've had very few skin issues I haven't done anything to really treat it well. I think I might end up being a very wrinkly old lady. 
Are you a yoga person?
I think I'm more of a "she seems like she does yoga" person, than an actual "I'm going to change into work out clothes and attend a yoga class" person, does that make sense? Like I meditate, and forgive freely, and make homemade granola and all that. But I don't actually like drive my car to hold the same poses as a group of mostly strangers, for money, very often. Too cheap, too busy, too lazy, too introverted.
What workout move do you loathe?
All of them.
When do you feel sexy?
What a thought provoking question. After eating non-bloaty foods. When my hair is doing the right thing (this is never). When I'm kid-free. When I'm capable of staying up past 10pm. When there's Beyonce playing in the air. When I'm not carrying a purse.
When do you feel your absolute happiest?
I hope this doesn't sound anti-Oliver and -Dakota because it's quite the opposite, but right at that sweet spot when it's like 8:45pm and they are both bathed and changed into fresh jammies and are sleeping soundly in their beds with the lights off and doors closed, and there isn't any laundry to do, or a kitchen to clean up, that's when I feel amazing.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another reason why I love A&W!

Guys, how adorable is this?

Recently I wrote a post about why I love A&W. Totally serious, totally honest, completely unprompted.

Some how (a reader??) the PR team at A&W found out about it and reached out to say thanks, and they're glad that my family enjoys their stuff! They asked if they could send me something in the mail.

Yesterday we received a "thanks for posting" package from them with glass root beer mugs for Cal and I, and teddy bears for Ollie and Koko (all addressed to each person) with a card and gift card.

So there's another reason I love A&W!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Spring HONEST CO Diaper Designs are here!


The snow is melting, the sun is out, and it couldn't be a better time to order your very first monthly shipment of 6 jumbo bags of Honest diapers.

They are eco-friendly, ultra absorbent & free of lotions, fragrances & latex. You also get 4 packages of Honest wipes - all natural, soothing, super thick, "Cheek to Cheek" versatility (these wipes can do it all).



  • Mix & match honestly cute designs each month
  • Plant-based (PLA) inner and outer layers — gentle on your baby's bottom
  • Sustainably harvested pulp - NO chlorine processing or harsh chemical bleaches
  • Natural citrus and chlorophyll odor-inhibitors
  • Bio-based wheat/corn blend in super-absorbent core — less sodium polyacrylate
  • Comfy-stretch side panels and soft, refastenable tabs for perfect fit and wigglability!
  • Securely fitting moisture barrier cuffs prevent leakage and blowouts — fewer accidents, less laundry!
  • Simply pure — NO risky fragrances, lotions, or latex
  • Gentle, safe, and non-irritating for the most sensitive skin

If you order for the first time today you can get 35% (!!!!!!) by clicking below - use code MARBUNDLES35OFF -- hurry it only lasts until Mar 15,

35% Off on Your First Bundle Order at Honest with code MARBUNDLES35OFF

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Break Up and Move - Part 2

Hey friends!

So a couple weeks ago I wrote about different ways that my family is “breaking up” with bad habits, and “moving on” to better things. Now, I’m going to tell you about an awesome event that really drives this point home.

Western University is hosting Break Up and Move, the fifth stop on a cross-country tour designed to empower young women to break up with things in their life that just aren’t working anymore. On Thursday, March 19th from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. at the Thompson Rec & Athletic Centre gym, you’re invited to take part in a FREE yoga class and what’s basically going to be one giant ‘have a better life!’ seminar with relationship and health experts. Although it’s only two hours long, there is definitely lots going on. What better way to lettt it goooo (you can decide if you want to imagine that in an Elsa from Frozen voice, or in a super hippie yoga master voice - I’m doing both).

All of the info is available at and there’s also lots of good content there to read up on.

If you want to save your spot at the event, you can email, but be sure to do it on or before the 17th because space is limited.

Displaying UWO BUAM.jpeg

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Free Trials from ALOHA

Say hello to my two favourite pick me ups: greens and chocolate. It's actually hard to say which makes me feel better during the 2pm need-a-nap hump that seems to happen every day. No, now that I think of it, the answer is chocolate. Isn't it always?
Here's a new company I'm excited about... ALOHA.

They use all natural and organically grown ingredients that are legitimately developed by health experts (over 200 of them!), are socially and environmentally sustainable, as well as free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or additives.

I'm happy to be able to offer that right now, you can get a Free Trial of either the Daily Good Greens pouches, or the Superfood Chocolate bars! The only cost to you would be for shipping, which runs $2.79 for the Superfood Chocolate and $4.79 for the Daily Good Greens. If you ask me, that is totally worth it to be able to try these products!

With the Free Trial of Daily Good Greens Whole-Food Powder, you will receive 2 pouches each of the Original, Chocolate, and Berry flavors. Each pouch contains 2 servings of fruits and vegetables and just 35 calories. Mix these into any smoothie, drink or recipe of your choice to boost the nutritional value of your foods! It can certainly be exhausting, not to mention costly, trying to get high quality superfoods that your body needs daily. ALOHA makes it easy and simple to get what you need (and more), all in one convenient pouch.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, why not try the Free Trial of Superfood Chocolate? You will receive 1 full-size chocolate bar with your trial, which contains 1 serving of fruits and vegetables, is sweetened only with coconut sugar, and is made with 60% fair-trade-cacao. Don't miss your chance to experience this tasty yet beneficial superfood!

If you become instantly hooked on their products, they also offer Free Shipping on all orders over $50. Head on over to today!

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